Hacking into a Facebook account is hardly rocket science. There are a number of different ways to do it, too. The most famous one by far is phishing. It makes use of phoney Facebook pages to dupe unsuspecting victims into entering their usernames and passwords. The data is then sent to the hacker while the victim just gets a message saying there’s an error and the data needs to be entered again. He leaves the site feeling the legitimate site had a bit of a downtime, never being wise to the fact that he was never on the real site to begin with.

The second most popular method in hacking Facebook accounts is called keylogging. Here, a hacker makes use of software or hardware that records all the keystrokes done on the computer. A log of all the data is then sent to the hacker and from there, he can easily find the passwords he needs to access the victim’s accounts.

The problem with most Facebook hacks

hack facebook password online
Loads of internet pages talk about the way to hack a FB account

The problem with those two methods is they both entail a bit of technical and computer knowledge to ensure they work successfully. Both requires downloading stuff and saving them in formats that involve .php, .file or anything else with a dot at the beginning. Basically, it can be intimidating to someone who is clueless with most computer lingo.

So, can you not successfully hack into a Facebook account without being adept at those two? Of course not. There’s actually another method of hacking into Facebook. It may be a little more complicated compared to the two above, but it pretty much uses generic terms and concepts. So it’s both simple and complicated at the same time. What is it? Resetting the email address.

Sounds easy?

software hacker facebook
A substantial amount of sites express easy methods to hack a FB account

You’re probably thinking, “Oh, that sounds easy.” And in a way it is. Who doesn’t know how to reset an email address, right? Okay then. Here’s where it could get complicated. You don’t just need your victim’s email address and your own email address. You also need three friends from within the victim’s account. You’ll see why when you read the steps.

Let’s get the party started!

So let’s begin. Here is the step by step guide to resetting the email address with the purpose of hacking into the Facebook account.

1. Open Facebook using any browser.

2. Without typing anything in, click on “Forget Password”.

3. A new window will appear. Enter the victim’s email address or his phone number and hot “Search”.

4. Another window will appear. On this window, you have to click on “This is My Account.”

5. The next step will ask for the password to be reset. This usually means the victim’s gmail or Yahoo account. You can also use the victim’s phone number if it is associated to the Facebook account. But you really don’t need any of those. What you want to click on is the link that says “No longer have access to these.”

6. You will be asked to enter a new email address. Enter the one where you want to receive the reset password link and instructions. It’s highly advisable not to use your legitimate email address and to just use a fake one. Do not register this fake email address in Facebook. Once you have entered the email address, click on “Submit.”

7. The next page will be the security questions page. Don’t know the answer to any of the security questions? That’s okay. Just enter the wrong information three times and Facebook will let you bypass this security feature.

8. Go back to your Facebook account and click on continue.

9. You will be asked to pick three friends. Make your selection and click on submit after you are done.

10. A secret code will be sent to the three friends that you selected from the Facebook admin. You need to collect these codes.

11. Click on the Password reset link you received via email and enter the codes.

That’s it. You’re done. Facebook will now allow you to change the email and password to the account. having done so, you can immediately access the Facebook account you’re trying to hack for whatever nefarious means.

Of course, this hack isn’t exactly perfect. If the victim did not set any security questions, for example, you cannot proceed to the next step. Facebook will ask you for the real email ID instead. If this happens, you can try to use a different hacking technique instead. There’s still keylogging and phishing that you can utilize. Any of the two are easily done and will only require software download to be done. Or, you can just choose a different victim instead. One whose Facebook account is not as well-protected. Finally, you can just call it a day and give your hacking dreams a rest. Again, hacking infringes on another person’s privacy. Not to mention that it’s illegal. So why risk it?